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Partnership Opportunity

New business opportunities are on a rising curve for Solar Products in the fast expanding Indian and global markets. At Kirti we believe that developing meaningful partnerships not only consolidates business but also lays the foundation for success. We aim to bring best-in-class products to our customers and expect the same degree of commitment from all our partners. In coming years, we are looking forward to expanding and strengthening our international footprints, emerging as a leader when it comes to solar products and applications.

Kirti Solar focuses on integrating the longest value chain in solar power solutions for the ultimate benefit of end users. We enable our partners to share, learn, grow and thereby expand efficiently and quickly. At the same time we expect all our partners to understand and comply with Kirti Solar policy guidelines and provide applicable information and supporting documents for all correspondence. For us effective partnership is all about meaningful reciprocation, clear understanding of roles and responsibilities and transparent communication. Participation in several trade fairs and exhibitions have helped us carry forward our value propositions to our customers and other business partners in related industry circles.

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